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Meet Lawn Gurus

Lawn Gurus

Greetings! I am Javier of Lawn Gurus. As owner, I aim to provide top quality and reliable service. Most people do not want to deal with the tediousness and demand of constantly having to cut their grass. That’s where I come in! I want to take the load off your back in a convenient and economical fashion. No more worry and headaches due to the yard growing crazy. No more complaints from neighbors, the county or the HOA. No more hoping it isn’t 100 degrees outside when you can no longer put off mowing. Allow me the privilege of maintaining your lawn beautiful and under control. Allow me the worry and concern. I look forward to serving you!

Lawn Gurus


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Our Services

Monthly Lawn Care

We offer high quality residential and commercial lawn cares services whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lawn care.

Yard Overgrowth Control

If your yard has problems with overgrown plants and trees, we can take care of the overgrowth with our services.

Pre-season preparation

Let us take care of your home or business lawn services before it starts getting colder or warmer.


Jason H.

Lawn Mowing and Trimming

Let me tell you about Javier! He will be the last lawn guy I ever hire. He's on time, and his quality of work is phenomenal. Cut, Trimming, Edging & Blowing are top notch. I will continue to use his service until he won't take my money anymore :D. Hire Lawn Gurus, you won't regret it.

Aubrey S.

Lawn Mowing and Trimming

Javier is very punctual and on point. He is very kind. I am on a budget and he worked with to to figure out what is fare for both of us. I am extremely satisfied with his work and than some. I would definitly recommend his business and will continue to trust him to keep my lawn looking beautiful.